dballphotography | Prices and Booking info

So how do you go about booking me and how much will it cost?

Contact me through the contact page of the site. Let me know what you would like me to photograph for you, I can then put a bespoke quote together based on your needs. To give you an idea my hourly rate for corporate work is is £85 per hour. Most jobs can be completed in a couple of hours. 

For wedding info please see here. http://www.dballphotography.com/weddings

My price include the following.


I don't charge extra for image processing, its included in the price. I will retouch all your finished images to a professional standard. Im highly skilled in Capture One, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

All images from the shoot are uploaded to a private password protected gallery. Only you will ever have access to this gallery and the gallery will remain open for as long as you like. You are permitted to access this gallery as many times and as often as you like.

Print and download rights. Once you have access to your images you can download them and do whatever you like with them. If you want to take them somewhere and get them printed out, that is fine. If you do require your images printing though please get a competitive quote from myself as I use a professional print lab for all my prints. I also can offer canvases, fotofloats, mugs, T – Shirts, framed prints, fine art prints, large format and much more.

Backups, I back up all images onto physical and cloud storage, I keep all images backed up for ever. I also do not charge to recover your images should you ever need them recovering. 

My guarantee - If you are not 100% satisfied with your final images for any reason, speak to me in the first instance and we can sort out any issues quickly. I want you to be delighted with my work and I strive to achieve that. At the end of the day, my clients are everything to me and word of mouth is very important.